Company Background: Inter Computer Co., Ltd. (ICC)

Inter Computer Co.,Ltd (ICC), founded in 1980, is a professional in printing business. ICC has been focusing primarily in computer continuous forms. Nowadays, ICC products cover all printing needs from computer forms to all printed matters including labels for packaging. ICC has a solid credibility with product variety to serve our wide range of customers from government to private sectors.

With years of experience in printing business, ICC has expertise in printing field to support our customers. To come to us, our customers only request for what they require and we will fulfill them in organizing into completing the products. We aim at continual improvement to better serve our customers and their expectation with the most effort. ICC Group has invested above the top of the line in printing technology including the optional finishing machines and all other equipments needed to support the production processes. We are able to offer the cost-effective in-house service while maintaining the quality which is the most important to our customers's needs in the present economy.

Company Background: Laflex International Co., Ltd. (Laflex)

More than 30 years in printing business, ICC Group sustainable growth is supported by our delighted customers. With the growing demand in packaging market, ICC Group decided to expand business line to label packaging product. As a result, Laflex International Co.,Ltd. Was established to serve customers in the Label market. We fully aware that labels are not only the informative signage, but also brand image presenting. Thus, we dedicate in every process that fit for customer's purpose from material selection to production process through delivery.

Asian Print Awards / Thai Printing Association Award / AFTA Award

ICC was just a small printing house when began and we have grown from a few employees to hundreds now. Our ultimate goal is to assure that we can serve our customers best. We commit to pursue continuous quality improvement. We are an ISO9000 certified company and maintain standard sustainably. We are also very much involve in learning and practicing the best method by cooperating in several projects the Printing Association organized. It is our commitment to make sure that we can keep pace to the rapid change of globalization.

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